A Lecturer at the University of Media Arts and Communication -Institute of Journalism Daniel Obeng Acquah in an Seminar orgnised by the Department of Integrated Social Sciences stressed the need for the citizenry to develop positive attitudes Nation building.
He underscored the critical role that government should play in the developmental agenda but was quick to add as citizens of the country our actions are central to National Development.

He said, as we strive for national development, it is essential to understand that government responsibility alone is not enough. Attitudinal change is plays a crucial in addressing various issues hindering our progress, including waste disposal, time management, work ethic, and disregard for law and order among others.

On waste disposal he said Improper waste disposal is a significant challenge in our country. While the government implements policies and infrastructure for waste management, our attitudes towards waste disposal need to shift. We must take responsibility for properly disposing of waste, recycling, and reducing our plastic usage and we should always be careful of our environment.

On Time Management he was worried that over the years there’s been a time captioned as “Ghana man time”.Effective time management is critical to productivity and efficiency. We must prioritize punctuality, meet deadlines, and minimize procrastination to achieve our goals.
A strong work ethic is vital to national development. We must embrace a culture of diligence, dedication, and accountability in our professional lives which are all essential to Nation building.

Respect for law and order is creates cohesion an important factor for a functioning society. We must cultivate a culture of obedience to traffic rules, payment of taxes, and adherence to regulations.

In his concluding remarks he saids “While government responsibility is crucial, attitudinal change is the key to unlocking national development. By adopting a culture of responsibility, productivity, and respect for law and order, we can transform our nation and create a brighter future for generations to come.