Violent clash erupts between soldiers and prison officers in Bawku, resulting in numerous injuries. The altercation occurred at the Bawku Naba Palace during an inaugural ceremony marking the 40th anniversary on the Skin on Wednesday 24th April, 2024.

Allegedly, a dispute over a missing phone sparked the confrontation, leading to one prison officer being severely beaten by the soldiers and hospitalized.

Reprisal Attacks

After their colleague was attacked, prison officers from Bawku Central Prisons swiftly gathered at the Palace armed with guns, reportedly confronting the soldiers on duty.

They allegedly fired shots to disarm the soldiers and violently assaulted them. The injured soldiers were taken to Vineyard Hospital in Bawku for medical care.

Police were called in to manage the situation, and it’s understood that the leadership of both security agencies is working to resolve the issue peacefully, although the police have not officially commented on the incident.