Following the latest negotiation session on April 17, 2024, between the Teacher Unions and the government, it has come to light that the government has put forth a substantial offer to the teachers.

Surprising many, the government has proposed a significant increase in the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Allowance.

Inside sources reveal that the government has suggested a 70% raise in the CPD Allowance. If accepted, Professional Teachers will witness their allowance climb from the current GHS 1,200 to GHS 2,000. Similarly, non-professional teachers will experience a notable increase from GHS 800 to GHS 1,400.

This offer has been warmly received by many teachers who have long advocated for higher allowances to support their professional growth. However, the Teacher Unions have yet to inform their members about the government’s proposal, leaving many teachers unaware of the ongoing negotiations.

Additionally, teachers have requested the introduction of a Deprived Area Allowance, although the government intends to hold separate discussions with Trade Unions to ensure fairness, considering other sectors with workers in similarly disadvantaged areas.

While viewed positively by many, there is division over whether to accept the government’s proposal. The Teacher Unions stress the importance of including the new allowance on teachers’ pay slips to demonstrate a commitment to addressing their needs.

Considering the current economic situation and ongoing IMF program, evaluating the government’s capacity to meet workers’ demands is crucial.

Despite challenges, the government persists in addressing its employees’ concerns, including teachers, while ensuring these demands are reasonable.

As negotiations progress, both the Teacher Unions and the government must find common ground to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

The fate of the proposed CPD Allowance increase and the introduction of a Deprived Area Allowance remains uncertain as teachers eagerly await their unions’ official response.