Our attention has been drawn to a vicious smear campaign against the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Mr. Bernard Antwi-Boasiako, popularly known as Chairman Wontumi, in relation to the selection of a running mate to partner our Flagbearer, His Excellency Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, for the 2024 Presidential Elections.

According to some malicious claims made by the Manhyia South Constituency Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Mr. Richard Adjei Mensah Ofori Atta, also known as TomTom, which was monitored on Accra-based Okay FM, the Ashanti Regional Chairman has been “trading the presidential running mate slot of the party for his personal gains.”

He repeated these unfounded allegations in a separate interview with Sompa FM, the same day, Monday, 11th March 2024, and went further to subtly accuse the Minister of Education, Hon. Dr. Osei Yaw Adutwum and the late Hon. Lawyer Dr. John Ampontuah Kumah, of “paying bribes” to Chairman Wontumi for the running mate position.

These unsubstantiated claims are totally unfortunate and reprehensible, particularly when they seek to demean the reputation of, not only Chairman Wontumi, but also that of Dr. Adutwum, and most abhorrently, the reputation of our departed brother, Dr. John Kumah, whose passing is barely a week old.

Well, it is necessary to educate Tomtom and all those who have bought into this vile propaganda that; while Chairman Wontumi, as the Ashanti Regional Chairman and member of the National Council of the party, would undoubtedly have a say in the consultative process leading to the selection of a Running Mate, the ultimate decision lies with the Flagbearer. Every Tom, Dick and Harry in the party know this fact. So it beggars belief TomTom would want to push this derisive narrative regarding astute senior members of our party and in government “paying” monies to Chairman Wontumi for the Running Mate position.

It is however not surprising that TomTom would seize the moment to defame the reputation of these personalities, as it has been his methods and modus operandi these past two months or more, particularly when he perceives one does not sympathise with his “interest”. Indeed, TomTom, in recent months, has conducted himself in such a brutally cynical manner, demonstrating his utter disregard for authority and high offices in the party, which even the National Organiser was not spared. The fabricated claims of disrespect for the Asantehene he (TomTom) made against Chairman Wontumi is still fresh in our minds.

Ordinarily, these unfounded claims would not have been glorified with a response as Chairman Wontumi is usually unfazed by such acts, especially when he is currently distraught and devastated by the untimely demise of his faithful brother and loyal friend, Dr. John Kumah. However, the timing of these insensitive pronouncements of TomTom clearly shows that, the orchestrated and coordinated attempt to undermine the leadership of the Regional Chairman since the latter’s reelection about two (2) years ago has reached such crescendo where all persons, dead or alive, affiliated to him, are not spared.

It is therefore worthy to note that, the continued nonchalant shrug of Chairman Wontumi towards this conduct of TomTom, in the interest of the Party’s cohesion and unity, could rather become a harbinger for more of such acts, which would go a long way to harm the very cohesion and unity we seek to preserve ahead of the 2024 Presidential Elections. Although there is no blazing fury among the party people, there is clearly a simmering discontent with the behaviour of Tomtom, which if not quickly dealt with, would spark reactions and counter accusations in the region.

While the public is urged to dismiss and disregard these unfounded claims as they are bereft of, and lack, substance, Mr. Richard Adjei Mensah Ofori-Atta is given Forty Eight(48) hours to either substantiate these allegations, or render an unqualified apology to Chairman Bernard Antwi-Boasiako and the Party in the Ashanti Region. There would be no other option than to take legal actions against him should he fail to do so.

Nana Poku Frefre
(Political Assistant, Chairman Wontumi)

Credit: Nana Kwasi Asare