In a significant crackdown on cybercrime, Ghanaian security agencies have apprehended two young men, Abdul Latif Abubakar, 22, and Mahammudu Araafat Yasir, 24, for their involvement in a WhatsApp fraud scheme.

The arrests occurred in Langbensi and Gambaga in the North East Region after an extensive intelligence-led operation. The operation was prompted by a report from a Ghanaian residing in the US who fell prey to a WhatsApp Account Takeover, a sophisticated cyber fraud technique.

The perpetrators gained unauthorized access to WhatsApp accounts by manipulating the verification process to obtain the necessary six-digit codes.

Both suspects are currently in custody and are cooperating with the authorities, providing valuable information for ongoing investigations. This case highlights the increasing incidence of cyber-related crimes in Ghana and underscores the necessity of robust cybersecurity measures and public vigilance to counter these threats.

The Cyber Security Authority (CSA) of Ghana has been proactive in alerting the public to the surge in such scams, stressing the importance of heightened awareness and enhanced cybersecurity practices to prevent similar incidents.

Upon gaining access, the suspects contacted the victim’s acquaintances to solicit funds under various pretexts, resulting in significant financial losses exceeding GH₵200,000. The investigation revealed that the stolen funds were channeled through mobile money accounts associated with the suspects.