The Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) headed by Honorable Dr Bryan Acheampong clarified that it has not given its approval for the commercialization of maize and soya products, despite reports of approval by the Ghana National Biosafety Authority (NBA) under the Biosafety Act 2011 (831).

The NBA reportedly approved 14 maize and soybean products for various purposes, leading to concerns among farmers and aggregators. However, MoFA emphasized that its National Variety Release and Registration Committee (NVRRC) of the National Seed Council (NSC) has not approved these 14 maize and soybean seeds for use as seeds in Ghana.

Ministry of Food And Agriculture urged stakeholders, including commercial and small-scale farmers, to adhere to the use of MoFA-approved seed varieties to maintain agricultural integrity and ensure the well-being of farmers and consumers in Ghana.

Credit: Nana Kwasi Asare