Renowned media figure Nana Romeo has expressed his dissatisfaction with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the wake of actress Precious Fella Makafui’s reported sales of various body enhancement products.

He claims that the FDA should be held responsible for recent instances in which celebrities are accused of selling fake body enhancement products to gullible people. He urged the government to examine how well the state institution is doing its job.

In an interview with Ghanaweb TV’s E-Forum show host, Nana Romeo said, “I also fault the FDA. I have always said that you should examine the slimming mixtures that these celebs are selling.”

“Why haven’t they been thoroughly examined all this time, considering that the FDA most likely wouldn’t approve of slimming drinks and similar products? We are aware of the inefficiency of these products. They always wait for an incident to occur before starting investigations and making an arrest. I think the government needs to take the FDA to task for not carrying out its duties effectively.”

He went on to say that the publicity surrounding Fella’s stomach tuck procedure and her promotion of items that are said to have the same effect, in addition to her arrest by the police, will make her a social media target moving forward.

“People will make fun of her for getting her stomach tucked in spite of her public claims to have used the tea to get a trimmer waist and stomach. This will be a stain on Fella since everyone will remember that episode every time she recommends a product.”

This comes after Fella was detained for selling illegal substances out of her Mempeasem business and was later released on bail.

Investigative journalist Kwasi Koranteng announced Fella’s arrest on May 22, 2024, on behalf of ISPYGH 274—a joint investigative documentary production company with the Pharmacy Council of Ghana. A six-month monitoring operation that tracked Fella Makafui’s social media activity on sites like Instagram and TikTok resulted in the reported arrest.

The report listed among the confiscated goods: sexual strength teas, enlargement syrups and oils, detox pearls, and fertility teas. These goods were advertised and marketed without FDA approval. Her manager, meanwhile, has denied reports that she was arrested.

According to a statement made public on May 23, 2024, Fella was merely asked to come to the police station to respond to a few questions.

By: Appianimaa Mercy