Today, Muslims worldwide came together to celebrate Eid al-Adha, a joyous occasion that carries a profound message of peace and unity.

The essence of this celebration lies in the call for Muslims to love one another, for it is through this love that we can foster peace within our communities.

Imam Sheikh Aliu, speaking from Masjidul Bayaan, emphasized the importance of unity and urged the congregation to dissolve their differences, treating one another as brothers and sisters.

Imam Sheikh Aliu emphasized the importance of unity among Muslims and the need to promote a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood within the community.

Saani Sayibu Alhassan, the Northern Regional Minister, also emphasized the importance of religious tolerance and encouraged Muslims to exhibit patience and understanding towards one another.

Several congregants welcomed the Imams’ messages, acknowledging that fostering love among Muslims could lead to significant development within their communities. They expressed their hopes for unity and progress.

However, in the Northern Region, the festivities were met with a hint of disappointment due to the prevailing economic conditions in the country.

The celebrants, while pleased to have participated in the festivities, expressed concerns about the high cost of sacrificial animals.

Some celebrants expressed their dissatisfaction with this year’s festival. They attributed their disappointment to the prevailing economic hardships, which have significantly impacted the prices of sacrificial animals and other essential commodities.

Women, too, expressed their concerns about the economic challenges and offered prayers, urging the government to take necessary actions to alleviate the situation.

The Eid ul-Adha celebrations served as a reminder for Muslims worldwide to unite, love one another, and work towards peace within their communities.

Despite the economic difficulties faced in some regions, the spirit of togetherness remains strong, and the hope for a brighter future prevails.

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