Committed to growing and developing small and micro businesses through the provision of sustainable microfinance and business services to Ghanaian entrepreneurs. Chief Executive of MASLOC, Hajia Abibata Shanni Mahama Zakariah has urged employees, stakeholders, and other aligned bodies to put in their best to leverage the success of the AfDB funding to the institution.

Hajia Abibata Shanni Mahama Zakariah said this at the sideline of the launch of the $31.34 million joint Post Covid-19 grant by the Africa development bank and government in Accra.

Speaking on the occasion she reiterated that there was the need for attention to be made to ensuring that key indicators for the measurement of the effectiveness of the project are strictly adhered to maximize its full benefits.

She also highlighted that the implementation of Livelihood Restoration Program will put a focus on a livelihood restoration strategy that will help support youth and women to quickly re-establish life-support activities to reduce their vulnerability from the impacts of Covid-19 pandemic.

Hajia Abibata Shanni Mahama Zakariah added that given the importance of entrepreneurship and employment creation for youth and women and the link between livelihood, sources of income and vulnerability, it is recommended that the main livelihood support program focuses on skills training and attention be paid to the needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals, groups among the youth, and women.

She stressed further that particularly the marginalized or disadvantaged who might be more likely than others to experience adverse impacts from the Covid-19 can be determined by identifying the likelihood that an individual or a group faces harder conditions as the result of the Covid-19 impacts. 

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She expressed her thanks to the GoG and AfDB for their support to MASLOC, noting that this was the first time MASLOC had received such a grant and that it would help pave the way for financing to supplement the increasing demand on institutional sources of funding. She emphasized that she would continue to guarantee that the organization fulfills its responsibility in alleviating poverty by creating jobs and wealth for both women and youth.

Hajia Abibata Shanni Mahama Zakariah emphasized the importance of MASLOC having a positive image to match its brand, which will assist position the institution to win future donations for the aim of aiding disadvantaged groups based on gender, economic status, and other factors.

She was upbeat, considering that the implementation of new reforms has been swiftly developing and contributing to the establishment’s strong image since her appointment as CEO.

Hajia Abibata Shanni Mahama Zakariah took the opportunity to thank the government and the AfDB for the funding noting that it is very important and strategic to complement this unique initiative to reach out to more Developmental Finance Institutions to supplement our efforts in providing access to financing for all customer segments across sectors, particularly those in agriculture value chains, MSMEs, Youth and Women businesses.

Source: Joy Business