The Minister for National Security, Albert Kan-Dapaah, has raised concerns regarding the escalating threat of chieftaincy disputes to Ghana’s democratic stability.

He emphasized that these disputes constitute a significant portion of the daily situational reports received at the Ministry of National Security, highlighting the pressing need for their permanent resolution. Speaking at the 2024 Civil Service Week and 2023 Awards Ceremony in Accra, Kan-Dapaah emphasized the theme of “Combating Threats to Sub-regional Peace and Security: Perspectives of the Civil Service.” Despite Ghana’s relative peace and stability within a volatile sub-region plagued by terrorism and political instability, internal threats persist, including land disputes, farmer-herder conflicts, electoral violence, and cybercrime. Kan-Dapaah stressed the potential for chieftaincy disputes to escalate into violent confrontations, necessitating significant resource allocation for peacekeeping efforts.

He underscored the importance of addressing differences through non-violent means to safeguard peace and stability. Additionally, Kan-Dapaah outlined the role of the Civil Service in supporting the government’s efforts to deliver public goods and services to the citizenry, emphasizing the collaborative nature of governance and the importance of effective policy implementation.