In a remarkable gesture of community support and empowerment, Harriet Kyeremanteng Oppong, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary Candidate for Nkoranza South, has generously donated over 2000 sanitary pads to all senior high schools and selected junior high schools within the constituency. This donation was made to mark World Menstrual Hygiene Day, highlighting her commitment to addressing menstrual hygiene and supporting the education of young girls in her community.

During the donation event, Harriet emphasized the challenges faced by young girls in the community when it comes to purchasing sanitary pads. “Buying pads in the community is not easy,” she noted, “which is why I decided to celebrate this year’s event with sanitary pads, to ease this burden for our young girls.”

Harriet Kyeremanteng Oppong is a prominent figure in the Nkoranza South Constituency, where she is running as the NPP candidate for the upcoming 2024 parliamentary elections. Her dedication to the well-being of her constituents, regardless of political affiliation, has won her the hearts and minds of many in the area. Her actions demonstrate her deep understanding of the community’s needs and her willingness to take practical steps to address them.

The donation has been widely appreciated by the schools and the local community. Teachers and students alike have expressed their gratitude, acknowledging the positive impact this support will have on the girls’ attendance and performance in school. Menstrual hygiene is a critical issue that affects many young girls’ ability to attend school regularly, and Harriet’s initiative directly addresses this challenge.

In addition to her focus on menstrual hygiene, Harriet Kyeremanteng Oppong has been actively involved in various community development projects. Her efforts to improve education, healthcare, and infrastructure in Nkoranza South reflect her holistic approach to leadership and development.

Harriet is committed to bringing positive change to her constituency. Her actions and dedication to the community have set her apart as a leader who genuinely cares about the people she aims to represent. By putting the needs of her constituents first and working tirelessly to improve their lives, she has shown that she is a candidate who transcends political boundaries in her efforts.

The donation event concluded with smiles and cheers from the students, who now have one less worry as they focus on their studies.

Harriet Kyeremanteng Oppong’s contribution is a significant step towards ensuring that every girl in Nkoranza South can manage her menstrual hygiene with dignity and confidence.

Credit: Nana Kwabena Boateng Kakape