The residents of Maame Krobo in the Kwahu Afram Plains South are living in fear following the beheading of two individuals. The community is calling for urgent intervention due to a spate of killings in recent months.

The Fulbe communities and the Fulbe Youth Association of Ghana have urged the government, international organizations, and security agencies to address this issue to ensure peaceful coexistence.

Since December 2023, five Fulbes have been killed, including three beheadings, resulting in property losses worth millions of Ghana Cedis. Musah Barry, Secretary to the Fulbe Communities of Ghana, expressed on Nopras 107.5’s political show that the government’s minimal efforts to resolve these attacks pose a significant security threat as tensions rise.

He reported that over fifty Fulbes have been killed, with the community intervening to maintain peace. However, there is a growing sentiment to seek justice independently if no urgent action is taken, potentially leading to further conflict.

Fulbe leaders have warned that peace will not prevail if the heads of the two recent victims are not found. Despite efforts involving local MPs, chiefs, and farmers to reach a peaceful resolution, the situation remains volatile, resulting in the displacement of many Fulbes. This displacement is hindering their participation in civic activities like the ongoing voter registration, exacerbating their hardships as they live in fear.