A former Tescon President, Asante Aaron (Robinho) has set the record straight with regards to Dr.Bawumia’s drive for digital technology for economic growth.

He writes:

Transitioning from traditional economic models to a technology-integrated approach, as demonstrated by Dr. Bawumia, is vital for Ghana’s economic advancement and competitive edge. By combining economics and technology, Ghana can foster innovation, efficiency, and digital inclusion, laying the groundwork for success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Moreover, digital transformation is an inevitable necessity, an appropriate system, a flexible response to emergencies, challenges and needs, and a means used to achieve economic and social development.

In contrast, traditional economic approaches, such as those advocated by individuals like the “self Acclaimed” economist Isaac Adongo” are outdated in the face of rapid technological advancement.
Recognizing the significance of integrating economics and technology, and preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Ghana can adapt to the changing times, drive economic growth to avoid being left behind as has been championed by Dr.Bawumia an ardent advocate of Digital Technology and economic Progression.

In today’s dynamic world, the adoption of a digital economy, surrounding cashless systems and mobile payments, the emergency of Artificial Intelligence is crucial for societal progress and financial empowerment. It is imperative for Ghana to embrace digital transformation and move away from outdated economic models to thrive in the competitive global digital landscape and secure a prosperous future for its citizens. Dr.Bawumia has a vision and it is possible. I therefore call on the youth Ghana to embrace the digital innovations spearheaded by the Vice President and flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party and Vote for him in the 2024 General elections.

Credit: Nana Kwasi Asare