Madam Nana Aba Dawson-Ahmoah, a lecturer at the University of Media Arts and Communication – Institute of Languages, moderated a thought-provoking seminar on Africanism and skin toning. With conviction and enthusiasm, she urged students to embrace their natural beauty and reject harmful skin bleaching practices.

“Black is beautiful,” Madam Dawson-Ahmoah emphasized, encouraging students to be confident in their own skin. She stressed that skin toning not only harms one’s health but also perpetuates damaging societal beauty standards that devalue African beauty. Instead, she reminded the students that their black color is a symbol of strength, resilience, and beauty, worthy of celebration.

The seminar aimed to raise awareness about the dangers of skin toning and promote self-acceptance and self-love among young Africans. Madam Dawson-Ahmoah’s inspiring remarks resonated with the students, filling them with pride and a newfound appreciation for their natural beauty.

By sharing her wisdom and passion, Madam Dawson-Ahmoah hopes to inspire a generation of young Africans to embrace their black beauty and promote a culture of self-acceptance and self-love. As she emphasized, “Our black color is our crown, let us wear it with pride!”.
The Seminar was orgnised by the Department of Integrated Social Sciences… Present the Seminar were lecturers of the Department with a special invitation to the Students of Africa studies at the University of Media Arts and Communication -Institute of Languages led by . Abraham Tei a lecturer at UniMAC-IL.