Presbyterian Church of Ghana led by their Moderator, Rt Rev. Abraham Nana Opare Kwakye has launched their National Evangelism Week at Koforidua Ascension Congregation in the Akuapem Presbytery. Twenty – five new motor bicycles were presented by the Presbytery which hosted the Moderator for the national launch.

The twenty – five motor bicycles and other more pledged to be donated are to help get the gospel to nook and cranny in order to get the gospel to a number of the yet unreached people in the country.

The launch was to open the gate for all Presbyteries, Districts and Congregations to launch the program which is scheduled from Monday, 13th to Sunday, 19th May, 2024.

Preaching under the theme: “JESUS CHRIST, THE ALPHA AND OMEGA: MAKING HIM KNOWN AMONG THE NATIONS” (Joel 2:28-32 ; Acts 2:1-21), the Moderator, Rt. Rev. Dr. Nana Opare Kwakye gave glory to God for the leadership and inspiration in the church and then congratulated the church for their commitment to the work of God and the course of the gospel which has always been delivered through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

The Moderator whipped up the zeal of the church to get in-depth motivation that Jesus Christ is the Alpha and Omega; a fact which has been revealed by Jesus Christ Himself to John and recorded in Revelation 1:6; 21:6 and 22:6 “I am the Alpha and Omega” the First and the Last, the beginning of all things and the end of all things; from Everlasting to Everlasting.

That revelation proves that Jesus is the Beginning, HE is the Word of God and HE is God. HE was there before everything was done and HE would be there after everything.
Quotations from Isaiah 41:4 and 44:6 confirm that Jesus Christ is the First and the Last and beside Him, there is no God.

In the light of all the revelations, Rt. Rev Dr. Opare Kwakye called on the church to rely completely with all humility on Jesus Christ in whom total completeness is achieved and the joy of victory would be theirs.

Continuing his inspirational message, the Moderator said this same Jesus Christ was in the world but the world knew HIM not; as recorded in John 1:10 and as such in the light of the program launched, it is incumbent on the church to help others know about Jesus Christ whom we all celebrate during Christmas.

He said the world celebrates Christmas and soon afterwards, celebrates Easter but people do not know the reason or purpose of the celebration.
He said speaking about Christmas and Easter should directly mean, speaking about Jesus Christ.

This is a very important fact that must be heralded to the world to bring all souls to HIS knowledge and for HIM to know all.

The Moderator said this knowledge of Jesus Christ cannot be by attending church service, by baptism or by church membership.
Neither can it be by any form of intellectual knowledge but by Spiritual knowledge of HIS divine birth, HIS ministry, HIS death on the Cross, HIS resurrection, HIS ascension and HIS second coming.

He said those endowed with this knowledge are inspired by the Spirit.
They are empowered to share that knowledge to all irrespective of any obstacles.
In that regard, the Moderator said evangelism backed by the Spirit and power of God and with the true message of JESUS CHRIST, being THE ALPHA AND OMEGA would be preached all over without any fear.

In conclusion, Rt. Rev. Abraham Nana Opare Kwakye called on the church to grow in humility, unity and allow the Holy Spirit to lead all to get involved with the evangelism to win souls for the Lord JESUS CHRIST.

Credit: Nana Kwasi Asare/Kumwuramhene Sampson