Ghanaians from Effiduase living in Europe, USA and other countries have generously donated modern plastic chairs and canopies worth over ten thousand Ghana cedis to the Effiduase Koforidua community. This donation was officially presented through the chiefs at the palace in the New Juaben Traditional Area.

During the 5th Akwasidae festival, Mr. Annor Asiedu Darkwa, also known as Zatoochi, presented the items, emphasizing that the donation aimed to alleviate seating challenges during large gatherings at the palace. The Effiduase Diaspora Association known as Effiduase Kroye Kuo identified the need for proper seating arrangements to prevent overcrowding and ensure safety during significant events like Akwasidae.

Mr. Annor Asiedu Darkwa also mentioned other contributions made by the association towards the newly constructed edifice at the Effiduase Chiefs Palace. He encouraged non-members to join the association and urged those with financial means to contribute to the development of Effiduase, stressing the importance of collective efforts for the benefit of future generations.

Okoawia Dwomo Baabu II, Chief of Effiduase and Nifahene of the New Juaben Traditional Area, received the donations on behalf of Effiduaseman. He expressed gratitude to the Effiduase Diasporians, particularly Mr. Kwadwo Asiedu Darkwa, President of Effiduase Kroye KUO and local representatives Hon. Parise O. Otuo Acheampong, Assemblyman for Adumasa Electoral Area, Effiduase and Miss Rosina Acheampong for their continuous support and impactful contributions.

Effiduasehene urged the Diasporians to also focus on human-centered developments, such as providing opportunities for the youth to work abroad and contribute to the community’s growth, as the earlier emigrants are aging.

Source: Nana Kwame George (Snr Freelance Journalist E/R)