Rev. Robert Matey Korli, the General Overseer of Priest Sanctuary Church in Ghana, has urged politicians, court judges, lawyers, bishops, religious leaders, intellectuals, and society at large, especially Bible believers, to draw guidance from the transformative power of Jesus Christ’s death, resurrection, and ascension.

He emphasized the need to abandon negative traits such as dishonesty, arrogance, pride, disrespect, and wickedness, reminding everyone of the inevitability of death and subsequent judgment.

Rev. Korli highlighted the discrepancy in priorities, noting how people invest significantly more time and resources in temporal pursuits compared to building the eternal Kingdom of God.

He cautioned against the deceptive allure of worldly pursuits and prayed for divine enlightenment. Regarding LGBTQ+ issues, Rev. Korli referenced biblical teachings, particularly Leviticus Chapter 18, which condemns immoral sexual practices.

He stressed the responsibility of Ghana’s Christian majority to educate the public for the sake of salvation. These messages were delivered during Easter celebrations in 2024 at the Koforidua branch of the church.

Credit: Nana Kwasi Asare/Nana Kwame George Snr