Accra, 20 June 2024 – Citizens for Transparency and Accountability have issued a strong call for Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa to provide evidence supporting his recent allegations against RockCity Hotel and its owner, Dr. Bryan Acheampong.

Hon. Ablakwa has alleged that shares of SSNIT were sold to RockCity Hotel, implicating Dr. Acheampong, a current member of Parliament and minister. Despite his initial confidence, Hon. Ablakwa has acknowledged that his petition to CHRAJ might lack sufficient merit. He subsequently organized a demonstration, claiming that RockCity Hotel is operating at a loss, citing tax returns from the GRA as proof.

Dr. Acheampong has denied these accusations and challenged Hon. Ablakwa to present the purported documents. To underscore his confidence, Dr. Acheampong has offered significant rewards, including a house in Trassaco Estate and a hotel in North Tongu, if the claims are validated.

The citizens’ group insists that Hon. Ablakwa must present his evidence within 24 hours to maintain accountability and transparency, and to avoid damaging the reputations of individuals and businesses contributing to Ghana’s development.

The statement was signed by Samuel Nana Yaw, Development Professional and PR Practitioner, and Prince Agyemang, a social commentator.

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Press Release


Citizens for Transparency and Accountability Demand for Evidence from Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa Regarding Allegations Against RockCity Hotel

We are deeply concerned about the ongoing discourse surrounding RockCity Hotel and Dr. Bryan Acheampong, which has been prominently driven by Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa in recent news headlines.

Initially, Hon. Ablakwa alleged that shares of SSNIT were sold to RockCity Hotel and implicated Dr. Bryan Acheampong, a member of Parliament and minister in the current government, thereby garnering significant public attention. Hon. Ablakwa has stated that he has petitioned CHRAJ on this matter and is confident that the commission’s report will support his claims.

Subsequently, he realizes that his initial petition might lack sufficient merit to support his agenda against Dr. Bryan Acheampong, Hon. Ablakwa organized a demonstration involving some NDC executives, MPs, and members. During this demonstration, he claimed that RockCity Hotel is incurring losses and asserted that he possesses tax returns from the GRA to substantiate this claim.

Dr. Bryan Acheampong, as the owner of RockCity Hotel, has publicly refuted these allegations and challenged Hon. Ablakwa to produce the said documents. Dr. Acheampong has even offered to gift Hon. Ablakwa a house he purchased in 2014 at Trassaco Estate and a hotel in North Tongu, where Hon. Ablakwa serves as MP, if these claims are proven true.

As concerned citizens who value truth and integrity, we hereby give Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa 24 hours to publicly present the documents supporting his allegations. It is imperative that we do not allow baseless accusations to tarnish the reputations of hardworking individuals and businesses that are contributing positively to the development of Ghana.

We must hold ourselves to the highest standards of accountability and transparency, ensuring that any claims made in the public domain are backed by verifiable evidence.


Samuel Nana Yaw
Development Professional || PR Practitioner

Prince Agyemang
Social Commentator