In a recent development in Assin North constituency, an individual has been apprehended for posing as a community protection assistant. This incident, reported by Citinews, highlights also the arrest of another person dressed as a soldier which has raised concerns about the prevalence of impersonation and its potential consequences as Assin North Byelection is involve.

According to Citinews, the individual was caught wearing a shirt that identified him as a community protection assistant, but his behavior and responses raised suspicion. When questioned by the police, he failed to provide satisfactory explanations, casting doubt on his credibility. Consequently, the Assin Bereku Police command took swift action, deeming him a fraudulent community protection assistant, and promptly took him into custody.

In a related development, reports indicate that another individual, dressed in full military uniform and posing as a soldier, was arrested just hours after the apprehension of the fake community protection assistant. The details surrounding this arrest are currently limited, but it is evident that impersonation was involved. The fact that two cases of impersonation occurred within a short span of time raises concerns about the prevalence of such fraudulent activities and the need for increased vigilance.