As the New Patriotic Party (NPP) sets its sights on the 2024 elections, it faces a critical juncture that demands strategic thinking and unity. Recent tensions and friction within certain camps in the Ashanti Region have sounded alarm bells, prompting calls for a reevaluation of the party’s approach to selecting a running mate from the region. In light of these concerns, it is imperative for the NPP, under the leadership of Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, to cast its net wider and consider candidates from diverse backgrounds who can bolster the party’s chances of success.

The Ashanti Region has long been a bastion of support for the NPP, but internal divisions threaten to erode this bedrock of strength.

This discord, if left unaddressed, could prove detrimental to the NPP’s electoral prospects in 2024.

One particular challenge lies in the presence of a faction within the Ashanti Region that purports to support Dr. Bawumia, but may harbour ulterior motives. The risk of nominating a candidate favoured by this faction could potentially ignite further tensions and jeopardize Dr. Bawumia’s bid for the presidency.

In light of these complexities, it is incumbent upon the NPP leadership to broaden its search for a running mate beyond the confines of the Ashanti Region. While the region remains integral to the party’s electoral calculus, prioritizing unity and cohesion across the board is paramount. This necessitates considering candidates who not only share Dr. Bawumia’s vision but also possesses the ability to unify disparate factions within the party.

One such candidate deserving of consideration is Dr. Bryan Acheampong. Dr. Acheampong’s alignment with Dr. Bawumia’s ideas and vision, coupled with his proven leadership capabilities, make him a compelling choice for the role of running mate.

By selecting Dr. Bryan Acheampong, the NPP can signal its commitment to inclusivity and bridge-building while simultaneously strengthening its electoral appeal.

Furthermore, Dr. Acheampong’s candidacy offers Dr. Bawumia the opportunity for smooth and effective leadership.

Together, they can form a formidable team that transcends regional boundaries and garners support from across the country.

The NPP stands at a crossroads, where strategic decision-making is imperative for its continued success. By looking beyond the Ashanti Region and considering candidates like Dr. Bryan Acheampong, the party can navigate the challenges ahead with confidence and unity. Now is the time for bold leadership and forward-thinking vision, as the NPP seeks to secure a brighter future for Ghana.

Credit Nana Kwasi Asare